Biltong and Droewors

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  • Droewors per 100g

    R39.04 inc.VAT
  • Biltong per 100g

    R40.74 inc.VAT
  • Biltong BBQ per 100g

    R40.74 inc.VAT
  • Chilli bites per 100g

    R46.93 inc.VAT
  • Droewors 150g Snack Pack

    R58.56 inc.VAT
  • Biltong 150g Snack Pack

    R64.00 inc.VAT
  • Droewors 500g

    R195.19 inc.VAT
  • Biltong 500g

    R203.71 inc.VAT
  • Biltong 500g BBQ

    R203.71 inc.VAT
  • Chilli Bites 500g

    R234.63 inc.VAT
  • Droewors 1kg

    R378.56 inc.VAT
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