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  • Pork Russian 80g (3kg Pack)

    R208.51 inc.VAT
  • Pork Russian Jumbo 2kg

    R179.98 inc.VAT
  • Pork Loin Chops 1kg

    R96.60 inc.VAT
  • Eisbein p/kg

    R64.89 inc.VAT
  • Bacon Streaky 1kg

    R129.89 inc.VAT
  • Bacon Bits 1kg

    R99.89 inc.VAT
  • Bacon Streaky 500g

    R64.94 inc.VAT
  • Parma Ham 70g

    R48.30 inc.VAT
  • Pork Belly 1kg

    R99.89 inc.VAT
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